What Are Liver Stones?


If you do a search in Google related to the liver flush (not liver cleansing diet – which is different), you will start to hear a lot of talk about liver stones. People who promote the use of liver flushes  claim that they help cleanse your liver of ‘liver stones’. It can be quite natural to try and group these liver ‘stones’ with gall stones but the truth is that they are quite different. Gallstones are well recognised in the medical community as a legitimate problem that needs attention. however, you will be hard pressed to find a doctor who [...]

Detox Foot Pads: Do They Work?

detox foot pads

The market these days are full of products and services that claim to make your life and health much better and fun to live. One product that seems to be doing the same, is detox foot pads, making a massive claim of purifying your body from unnecessary toxins! Although we will look into these for this article, following are some of the points that you can consider and use to judge the claims of the products that are made through the advertisements and the packaging. Detox food pads claim to take out all the toxins and other unnecessary substances from [...]