How To Cleanse Your Liver

how to cleanse your liverDo you have problems with your liver, or have you just been feeling really lethargic and gross and thought it was time to clean out your liver.

It doesn’t really matter your reason, if you are serious about completing a cleanse there are a couple of different methods that will be looked at in this article.

Purpose Of Cleansing Your Liver

Before we take a lot at how to cleanse your liver I guess it is important to look at the reasons why we would want to do this.

Obviously we only have one liver and it is pretty important, so making sure it is healthy should be a continual priority. The idea of a cleanse is to clear out the toxins and allow your liver to function at a greater efficiency.

How To Cleanse Your Liver: Your Options

  • Liver Flush
    You first option is a liver flush. This is basically a short term detox, like the lemon detox. where you dramatically limit your diet to ‘flush’ out your liver, hopefully removing all the built up toxins in the process. while this may seem like a fantastic solution, it is a short term solution to a long term problem, and unless you change your eating habits permanently then you are going to need to flush you system quite regularly.
  • Liver Cleansing Diet
    Your other option as mentioned before is to change your eating habits more permanently. This will provide you will a long term solution and a much healthier liver (and other internal organs), the liver cleansing diet specifically targets foods that have a direct connection with liver health, but you can replace it with a lot of other diets as long as you can cutting out processed foods and sugars. The Candida diet is another great option.

These are your two main options when it comes to how to cleanse your liver, both a short term and long term solution. Spend some time researching both the liver flush and the cleansing diet and see which one best suits your current circumstances.