Lemon Detox Diet Side Effects

lemon detox diet side effectsGoing for a lemon detox diet is good for ridding your body of toxins, but the process is not all smooth sailing. Since you are trying to clean your body internally and rapidly within a day or two, you are sure to face a lot of side affects or symptoms. Some side effects should be seen as positive, as it means that your body is fighting back to clear the toxins out. It is always better to do this when you are supervised by a specialist. If you have the knowledge about the side effects, you will understand what is happening inside you.

Here are some common side effects of the lemon detox diet that you should know:


Some people but not all people who have a lemon detox diet, do have headaches. These continue throughout and they often get unbearable if you don’t know what is happening. If you are not aware then you will quickly lose faith and will quit the diet plan. The reason why you are having headaches is usually because your body is craving things such as sugar and fats that it is used to eating. You need to stay positive and have a healthy activity so you can distract your mind from the pain. If you drink caffeinated drinks then you will especially feel this, and always know that it is just happening because toxins are being immobilized. Consider these symptoms as a positive sign for you.

Starvation Mode

The diet plan is made to lead you in to starvation mode. The reason why this is called a starvation mode is because your body has an innate ability to mold its metabolism. If you take less food then your body begins to burn fat, and the slow burning process will bring you fatigue and sleepiness. At the same time, if the detox diet lasts longer than a day then it will go to a starvation mode. This means that you will only lose fat as long as you are dieting. The day you continue your regular diet, your body will start accumulating more fat. Eventually you will also lose muscle tissues because even they will be converted to fat.

Food Craving

Naturally when you will be faced with starvation, you will be easily tempted by simple dishes. This craving will stay and will be a major distraction from your diet plan.

Ideal solution

The best way to keep your objectives intact is by making sure that you maintain your liver cleansing diet plan. If you consider it your freedom and start consuming more than you used to, which patients often do, then you will lose the advantage you earned from the lemon detox diet plan. You need to practice patience and in the process you will realize that your mornings will be fresher and you will feel lighter through the day. Avoid exercising in these days because it will make you starve longer and the exercise will also be ineffective for you.