What Are Liver Stones?

If you do a search in Google related to the liver flush (not liver cleansing diet – which is different), you will start to hear a lot of talk about liver stones.

People who promote the use of liver flushes  claim that they help cleanse your liver of ‘liver stones’. It can be quite natural to try and group these liver ‘stones’ with gall stones but the truth is that they are quite different.

Gallstones are well recognised in the medical community as a legitimate problem that needs attention. however, you will be hard pressed to find a doctor who will support the claims of ‘liver stones’ – it is usually just the natural experts.

So What Are Liver Stones?

liver stonesHopefully you are not to distressed by this picture, but these are ‘liver stones’ or so the people promoting liver flushes would like you to think.

They are usually green or brown in texture and actually quite soft and pliable, and that is where the problem with their legitimacy starts.

These stones are not really stones…

Problems With The Legitimacy Of Liver Stones

ScienceBasedMedicine.org puts forward a great case opposing these liver stones, quoting  a case report in New Zealand, they find that these stones:

  • Are a Result Of The Ingredients & Effects Of The Diet
  • They Melted After 10min  At 40 Degree Celcius

And the case study concluded that:

these green “stones” resulted from the action of gastric lipases on the simple and mixed triacylglycerols that make up olive oil, yielding long chain carboxylic acids (mainly oleic acid). This process was followed by saponification into large insoluble micelles of potassium carboxylates (lemon juice contains a high concentration of potassium) or “soap stones”.

So Is A Liver Flush A Waste Of Time?

If these liver stones are just a by product of the flush itself, does that mean there is not point doing the flush in the first place?

Flushes are a short term fix that will not solve anything if you just revert back to the exact same style of living you had before conducting the flush. That is why a liver cleansing diet makes much more sense, because you are changing your eating habits more permanently – giving your body and internal organs a chance to recover from any damage.