Dr Sandra Cabot & the Liver Cleansing Diet

Dr Sandra Cabot's 'The Liver Cleansing Diet'

Dr Sandra Cabot is a registered medical doctor from Australia and has been practicing her profession since 1975. She is well known for her liver treatments and advice that that be published in various resources. One of her popular books about the liver is called the ‘The Liver Cleansing Diet’ that talks about changing your diet plan to lose weight and keep your liver healthy. It is one of her bestsellers and has a great number of glowing testimonials and reviews, and she has achieved this by informing her audience about making their liver healthy. Obesity is a growing epidemic, [...]

Lemon Detox Diet Side Effects

lemon detox diet side effects

Going for a lemon detox diet is good for ridding your body of toxins, but the process is not all smooth sailing. Since you are trying to clean your body internally and rapidly within a day or two, you are sure to face a lot of side affects or symptoms. Some side effects should be seen as positive, as it means that your body is fighting back to clear the toxins out. It is always better to do this when you are supervised by a specialist. If you have the knowledge about the side effects, you will understand what is [...]

Advantages of a Lemon Detox Diet

A bunch of lemons ready for the detox diet

Why would you want a lemon detox diet? If you are facing stagnant weight issues due to a fatty liver or a related problem then you would need a lemon detox diet. In fact this is a part of a complete detox plan where you take all those organic fruits and vegetables to do a quick action for your digestive system. People do this primarily for weight loss but physicians advise to do a more thorough detox plan so that there is no deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body. So if you have a lifestyle that is rich [...]