Fatty Liver Symptoms

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The fatty liver symptoms most common is actually no symptoms at all, meaning that most folks with fatty liver don’t know they have it. To find whether you have such a case is when you have a blood test or liver test, and if the numbers happen to show some abnormal progression. When you make a further investigation, you might notice that fat cells have accumulated in the liver, where there used to be normal liver function cells. Further investigation is done to make sure there are not further problems in the liver, in addition to causes from medication. Majority [...]

Advantages of a Lemon Detox Diet

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Why would you want a lemon detox diet? If you are facing stagnant weight issues due to a fatty liver or a related problem then you would need a lemon detox diet. In fact this is a part of a complete detox plan where you take all those organic fruits and vegetables to do a quick action for your digestive system. People do this primarily for weight loss but physicians advise to do a more thorough detox plan so that there is no deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body. So if you have a lifestyle that is rich [...]